Sex Toys for Queer and Gay Men (Plus Those Looking To Get In On Some Backdoor Action)


Taking a shot in the dark here, but perhaps you’re reading this article because a) you’ve developed a curiosity for experiencing some backdoor action; b) you’re looking to change up or spice up your masturbation sessions; c) the fairer sex isn’t quite to your liking. Whatever the reason, we’re not here to judge; we’re just here to guide and expand your sex toy horizons.  

There seems to be a kind of undercurrent of societal shame and taboo regarding male sex toys, especially of the anal variety. It may contribute to why male sex toys aren’t as openly advertised as women’s sex toys but we’re here to change that; and to help open up the world of pleasurable opportunities for men straight, gay, queer or otherwise. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Anal Beads

A sex toy for anal play in the form of a connecting string of spherical balls, which are fed up the anus and pulled out quickly or slowly depending on the sensation you want to produce. Anal beads are popular among men and women and can be used in partnered sex or solo sessions to help increase the pleasure the wearer feels during intercourse. Anal beads are often cited as being a great introductory toy for those new to anal play as they are thin and easy to use. 

Anal Onaholes

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, onaholes are male masturbation sleeves made specifically in Japan. They tend to have a manga or anime theme and are hailed for their ultra-realistic texture and feel. There are a wide variety of onahole designs ranging from small ones you can hold in one hand and toss in your carry-on to ones you keep at home and use on a flat surface. 

One type of onahole that may appeal to gay and queer men is anal onaholes, which are fashioned after, well, the anus. They are designed to be understandably tighter to mimic how the anal cavity feels in real life and the entrance smaller as well. The interior of the onahole is also designed to have a different texture and feel from vaginal onaholes. 

Butt Bullets

Also known as anal vibrators, butt bullets are small, oval-shaped devices made of metal. They are connected via a wired cord to a handheld controller that causes the bullet to vibrate after it’s inserted into the anus. Butt bullets can be used for solo anal play or in tandem with masturbation in order to provide more stimulation and produce more intense orgasms. They can also be used for partnered or solo sex.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are a type of anal sex toy with a blunt narrow tip and a flared end to prevent it from accidentally disappearing up the anal cavity. These toys have multiple purposes, some of which include prepping the anal cavity for penetration, massaging the prostate to stimulate stronger, and more intense orgasms, or just as extra stimulation during masturbation. They can also be used as a training aid to allow the wearer to get used to the feeling of anal penetration or as a punishment tool in a BDSM scene.

Cock Rings

As the name suggests, it’s a ring worn around a person’s penis though they can also be worn around the testicles. Made out of a variety of materials including silicone, metal, rubber, and leather, cock rings are worn in order to help the wearer prolong their erections in order to achieve stronger orgasms. They have also been prescribed as an effective tool for alleviating erectile dysfunction and are also useful in edging sessions. As with many other sex toys, cock rings can be used with a partner or alone. 

Prostate Massagers

Exactly as the name implies, a prostate massager is a sex aid designed to reach and stimulate the prostate, also colloquially known as “the male g-spot”. Stimulating the prostate can result in stronger, longer, and more intense orgasms, which is why such sex toys are considered to be popular with men looking to maximize the amount of pleasure they feel during sex. Prostate massagers can come in the form of anal dildos to butt plug to anal hooks.


Speculums are metal devices that look a little like tongs but are designed to be inserted into the anus with the goal of stretching and gaping the anal cavity. Mostly used during partnered sex, the purpose of the tool is to allow the wearer’s partner to look into the anal cavity – this is a fetish that exists, yes – and/or create a clear path for the insertion of liquids such as semen or urine. Speculums are popular tools for those involved in the BDSM community, especially during top/bottom sessions.


In sum, there is a treasure trove of sex toys out there geared towards men who prefer other men sexually and romantically, as well as those looking to experiment with or train for anal play. Whatever your reason, one important thing to note is that the anal cavity does not self lubricate like the vagina does so in order to avoid any pain or tears, invest in some good lube and be generous with how much you use. If you’re looking for lube and/or anal sex toys, why not poke around ecchiTOKYO’s website to see if something catches your eye?

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